Frequently Asked Questions


  • What Is is an investment market place that makes it easy for you to invest money in treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate. You can do this anytime and anywhere!

    We have simplified the investment process and broken it down so you do not need any investment experience to be able to get started

  • What can I do with

    With, you can grow wealth by investing in any of the treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate products listed on the platform.

    You can manage and monitor your investments in real time and see how much interest you will get when your investment matures.

  • How does work? puts together a list of treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate products for you to invest in. We hold your hand through the investment process and guide you each step of the way.

    You have total control over your investments and you can make changes to your personal profile settings at any time.

  • Who are the owners of is a product of WealthTech Limited - a financial technology company that believes in fostering financial inclusion by developing cutting edge technological products.

    We are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with a team that boasts of seasoned wealth management experts with over 10 years experience in the investments sector.

  • How is this different from ponzi schemes like MMM?

    Ponzi schemes are scams and do not have any investment product to offer

  • What makes better than other similar platforms?

    Unlike other platforms, offers a variety of investment products like treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate assets all in one. When it comes to investing, we are a one-stop shop capable of meeting your investment needs. That’s not all, we also guide you through the process providing assistance along the way

  • What are the benefits of using

    There are numerous benefits that come with using Some of these are:

    • Access to a bouquet of investment products that are worth your while.
    • Expert wealth building advice from seasoned wealth management experts.
    • You enjoy competitive returns on your investments.
    • You also have a Personal Wealth Advisor available round the clock.
  • How do I sign up on

    Click on the logo at the top left corner of your screen. When you land on the homepage, click on the signup button andinsert your name, email address, phone number and a secure password you are sure to remember.

    It's really easy and can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

  • Who can use

    Anyone can use All you need is basic computing knowledge. No prior investment experience is required.


  • How do I make money on

    You start making money on once you invest in any of the available products on the platform. You have the option to choose between treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate products. Every product has a specific interest rate attached to it. The amount of money you make will be dependent on that interest rate.

  • What can I invest in on offers a variety of investment products such as treasury bills, stocks, mutual funds and real estate assets.

    Depending on your preference and needs, you can invest in short-term products like the 30-day treasury bills or long term products like stocks and real estate assets.

  • Can I use if I am inexperienced with investments?

    The only experience you need is operating an internet enabled device like a laptop or desktop. You do not need any experience with investments.

    Our team of seasoned investment experts have simplified the investment process to make everything easy for you to understand.

  • How do I trade on

    Trading on is easy. Just go to "Investments" on the side navigation, find the product you want to invest in and click on "Buy" to add it to your cart. You can then go to your cart and checkout.

    To sell a product you already own, go to the "My Portfolio" tab under investments, click on the product to view its detail page.

    It's "Sell" or "Liquidate" button will be active if it is a product you can sell. Click on the "Sell" button and it will be added to your cart. Then go to your cart and checkout to complete the transaction.

  • How long does it take for my investments to show on my dashboard?

    Once you make payment for a product, your investment will be visible on your dashboard immediately.

  • Are there any Fees attached?

    Right now, there are no fees attached to your investments and your usage of is absolutely free.

  • Is profit guaranteed? offers you an assortment of professionally curated investment products; this means any product we list on the platform is considered as one that has some potential to improve your portfolio. However, investment products can sometimes be subject to fluctuations due to market forces beyond our control.

  • How are the investment products selected?

    Every investment product that is visible on is handpicked by our team of seasoned portfolio managers and asset managers with over 10 years experience in the investments sector.

  • Can I transfer my investments to another user?

    No, you cannot transfer your investments on to another user.

  • Why do I have to provide my BVN?

    We need your BVN to verify your identity and bank account details.

  • What is My Portfolio?

    "My Portfolio" shows a grouping of all the financial assets you own on

  • What does portfolio distribution mean?

    Your portfolio distribution shows how your portfolio is split between different investment types.

  • What does investor profile mean?

    An investor profile defines a user's preferences when it comes to investment decisions.

  • What is a White Glove account?

    The White Glove account type allows make investment decisions on your behalf. It is optimized for users that do not have prior investment experience and gives them a head start on

  • What is a Self Starter Account?

    The Self Starter account type is suitable for users that have a decent level of experience with investments and can make their own buy or sell decisions.

  • What are the account types on

    There are 2 account types on They are Self Starter and White Glove.

  • Why are there account types on

    Account types allow cater to beginner and experienced investors alike.

  • What are Trending Products?

    These are investment products that are popular among investors on The trending products tab shows the different products other investors are investing in at that point in time.

  • How long do products I have added stay in my cart?

    Any product you add will stay in your cart indefinitely. A product will only be removed from your cart when that particular product is no longer available on

  • What happens when I follow an investment?

    When you follow an investment, you will receive periodic updates on the market performance of that investment.

  • Why do I need to add a Bank Account Number?

    Your bank account number is required for withdrawal requests. This is the bank account where your cash withdrawals will be transferred to from

Funding an Account

  • What is Cash Balance?

    Your Cash Balance is the cash you have in your portfolio at any given time. Your investment purchases are funded from your Cash Balance and remittances can also made to it when an investment matures or is liquidated. It is also important to note that the amount in your Cash Balance is calculated as part of your Net Worth.

  • Why do I need to fund my Cash Balance?

    One of the ways to pay for investment purchases on is from your Cash Balance; funding your Cash Balance allows you to be able to do this.

  • How do I fund my Cash Balance?

    You can fund your cash balance by clicking on the yellow "Deposit" button on your dashboard. Fill in the amount of money you wish to deposit, select your preferred payment method - either card or account transfer and then make payment.

  • Can I pay for investments directly from my card without funding my Cash Balance?

    Yes. You can make payment for investments directly from your card. You do not need to fund your cash balance first.

  • Can I pay for investments via account transfer?

    Yes. You can make payment for investments via account transfers to First Bank, Sterling Bank, Access Bank, Providus Bank, Zenith Bank, Unity Bank and Guaranty Trust Bank accounts.

  • What is Wollet?

    Wollet is a secure payment gateway that authorizes debit card payments online. It is encrypted with high-level security in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Your Profile

  • What do you do with my family information if I add it?

    Your family information is kept confidential and is only required for Next of Kin and for KYC purposes.

  • Can I change the bank account I previously added?

    Yes, you can change your bank account details at any point in time. However, once you make a withdrawal request, it is advisable that you do not change your details until the withdrawal amount has reflected in your bank account.

  • How do I change my name on

    You can change your name on by clicking on the "My Profile" tab. However, once you validate your BVN number, you will not be able to change your name.

  • How do I change my profile picture?

    To change your profile picture, do any of the following. Click on the profile image on the side navigation. This will open a file browser that will allow you to upload any image of your choice to set as your profile picture.

  • What happens when I change my account type?

    There are 2 account types on; Self Starter (optimized for experienced investors allowing them to make their own investment decisions) and White Glove (which allows make investment decisions for you based on your investor type and preferences). Switching between these 2 account types means switching between the 2 different options they offer.

  • How do I change my password?

    To change your password, go to "My Profile" on the menu then click on "Password & Security" You will be required to enter your old password and then create a new one.

Financial Advice (Ola & Wealth TV)

  • Is there any guidance for beginner investors? was built with beginner investors in mind. Everything on the platform has been simplified to make it easy for you to find your way around. Choosing the White Glove account type also relieves you of the burden of having to make investment decisions and places the knowledge and expertise of our word-class team at your disposal.

  • Who is Ola?

    Ola is an Artificial Intelligence powered Wealth Advisor Chatbot. She gives personalized investment advice and answers basic investment questions. She can also show you stock prices and market trends. You can chat with Ola right on your dashboard or on Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

  • What is Wealth TV?

    Wealth TV is Nigeria's first personal finance channel. It features educative content that breaks down complex investment concepts and demystifies the world of investments. It is available on YouTube insert youtube link . You can also follow Wealth TV on insert social media handles.

  • Who is a Wealth Advisor?

    A Wealth Advisor helps you with your financial planning and portfolio management. Wealth Advisory services are often only available to high net worth individuals but thanks to, everyone has access to premium wealth advisory services when they use the platform.

  • Can I learn about investments on offers an avenue to learn more about investments through Wealth TV; Nigeria's first personal finance channel. You can also get answers to basic investment questions or how to use the platform when you chat with Ola; your personal Wealth Advisor.


  • Is secure from hackers?

    We have taken extra measures to secure the platform from intruders. boasts bank-level security with encrypted in-app communications and SSL.

  • Is my personal information shared with a 3rd party?

    Your personal information will not be shared with a third party. Every bit of information you share with us is kept safe. will never share your personal or investment details with any third party.

  • Is the payment feature secure?

    Wollet is a secure payment gateway with PCI DSS certification. This means your card and other payment details are safe when you make payments on

Wealth Cash

  • What is Wealth Cash?

    Wealth Cash is a savings product that offers you easy entry into the world of investments. It provides you a liquid option such that with a minimum of 1,000 Naira, you get impressive returns of 7% per year, currently, much higher than Treasury Bills yields.

    The best part? You can easily collect your money at no extra cost.

  • What are the benefits of Wealth Cash?

    • No break /Liquidation fee
    • No Locks
    • No Commission on Turnover (COT)
    • No withdrawal limits

  • Why should I invest in Wealth Cash?

    • Low entry into the market for investors with low funds
    • Perfect for investors with high liquidity need (no liquidation fee)
    • High Yield (currently higher than treasury bill)

  • What's the minimum amount I can start with?

    You can start saving with a minimum of N1,000. There are endless opportunities to keep your money stashed away with Wealth Cash.

  • How do I get started?

    Simply follow the easy steps below:

    1. Login/signup on
    2. Go to Marketplace and select "Wealth Cash"
    3. Make Payment via any of the Channels - Card, Bank Account or Bank Transfer
    4. View Wealth Cash in the "My Portfolio" page to see your interest accrue

  • What is the Tenure for Wealth Cash?

    Wealth cash product is currently available at an annual interest rate of 7% for 365 days, but it is annualized. This means your interest is calculated daily and if you decide to withdraw before maturity, the total interest accrued on your portfolio will be paid out to your wallet and you can withdraw from there.

  • How is Wealth Cash different from Treasury Bills?

    Wealth Cash is a savings product while Treasury bills is a Fixed Income Product which means that with Wealth Cash there are no charges on liquidation before maturity unlike Treasury Bills.

  • Can I withdraw at any time?

    With Wealth Cash, there are no break or liquidation fees. You can take out your money at any time. Similar to other investments, we advise that you cultivate the savings culture and let your money grow before you take it out. Besides, the longer you leave it, the higher your returns.So you should level up to the investing habit; that's the key to true wealth

  • How is the interest Calculated?

    Your interest is accrued daily on your portfolio. You can monitor the growth of your portfolio on a daily basis

  • How many times Can I save with Wealth Cash?

    You can save as many times as you want. However, if you save multiple times in the course of a day, your balance will be merged into one. Subsequent saving attempts on other days will be treated differently. What this means is that if you save N1.000 x 5 times on Day 1, it is merged into one transaction as N5000 and the 7% interest begins to accrue on it for 365 days However, if you save another N2,000 on Day 2, it will be treated as a separate transaction and the same 7% interest begins to accrue on it for 365 days, however the maturity dates for both investments will be different

  • Can I choose any amount to withdraw per time?

    To withdraw from your Wealth Cash account, you will need to liquidate that particular investment first. Thereafter, you can withdraw the amount required after which you can then re-save the rest and begin receiving interest.

Mobile Apps

Wealth Gifts

Receipts and Statements

  • Can I get a Receipt for my Investments?

    An investment receipt is immediately sent to your registered email once a transaction has been completed.

  • What is a Portfolio Statement?

    This is a detailed statement of all your transactions on the platform.

  • Can I request for statements?

    Yes. You can export your Portfolio statement from your account. Under the "My Portfolio" tab, select "Export Statement". A detailed PDF report of your portfolio transactions is sent to your registered email.


  • What is a Bond?

    A bond is simply an IOU with interest. In essence if you buy bonds, you are loaning money to the issuer of the bond for a fixed period of time. In this case it's the Federal Government. At the end of that period, the value of the bond is repaid and you will also receive a pre-determined interest rate. These rates are usually paid annually(At maturity).

  • What is the entry rate?

    Unlike most Fixed Income products, Bonds have a higher entry rate. They usually go for millions of Naira but the return on investment is usually worth it. However, on, you can start investing in bonds with a minimum subscription of N100,000.00.

  • Who can Invest in Bonds?

    If you are looking for an alternate form of investment and want to receive regular interest payments, then Bonds may be a suitable investment for you.

  • Is it Safe?

    Bonds issued by the government are risk-free and do not have any default risk as they are backed by the government. If you're putting much money in, you're probably wondering how risky they are. No matter what happens to the issuing body, Bond holders are certain of getting their money back. So, there is nothing to worry about.

  • What are the benefits of investing in Bonds?

    Among other things, Investing in Bonds has the following benefits:

    • Low Risk- compared to Equities
    • Fixed and Regular Income
    • Capital Appreciation

  • Are returns guaranteed?

    You are almost certain of your ROI with bonds because they are clearly stated before investments are sold, and they are not as volatile to changes in the market. They are usually priced higher but the return on investment is typically higher due to holding for longer periods.

  • Can I cancel before maturity?

    You can sell your bond at any time before it matures. However, please note that you can break your investment with a little fee of 1%. The fee is removed from the accrued interest,and the remaining amount is sent to the user’s cash balance. Similar to other investments, we advise that you cultivate the savings culture and let your money grow before you take it out. Besides, the longer you leave it, the higher your returns.

  • How is Bond different from Treasury Bills?

    The major difference is that T-Bills on are generally issued for tenures between 30 - 365 days. While Bonds are issued for Longer. Tenures can range for more than two years. Generally, bonds are issued as 2 years bond, 5 years bond, 10 years bond and also 30 years bond.Access Bonds from 3 years on and start enjoying the better life.

  • What is the difference between Bonds and Stocks?

    Simply, Stocks are shares of ownership issued by a Company to raise equity; investors in shares literally own part of the company. Bonds are issued by the Federal Government as debt, similar to bank loans where the company owes investors periodical interest payments over the life of the bond plus principal reimbursement at the maturity of the bond. Share prices are often determined by supply and demand dynamics, with a greater demand (e.g. due to expected growth of net income) moving the share prices up; bond prices are often determined by interest rate movements, (e.g., a lower expected inflation rate will move existing bond prices up.

  • How do I get Started?

    Investing in Bonds has never been this easy! All you need to do is:

    1. Login/signup on
    2. Go to Marketplace
    3. Select "Bonds" & Select Tenure
    4. Make Payment via any of the Channels
    There you are! You can now view your Bond investments in "My Portfolio" page and watch your interest accrue.

  • Is an investment in Bonds a good way to diversify my Portfolio?

    In times of market volatility and uncertainty, cautious investors opt for secure options like Bonds. Including bonds in your strategy increases diversification, which makes your portfolio more resilient. This is particularly relevant to investors who increased their stock exposure in recent years in response to low interest rates.

  • What is the minimum Investment amount?

    Most bonds are only available for the rich and institutions. Here at, we've made it available for you. Minimum investment is N100,000

  • What are the Tenures available?

    Generally, bonds are issued as 2 years bond, 5 years bond, 10 years bond and also 30 years bond.Access Bonds from 3 years on and start enjoying the better life. 3 Year Bond 4 Year Bond 5 Year Bond

  • What is the interest rate for Bonds?

    Bonds are now available on the platform with massive interest rates. You can earn interest of up to 9.50%. However, please note that rates are subject to change depending on the market demands.

  • Will I receive a coupon?

    For Bonds on, investors will be paid interest for holding the bond at the end of the investment tenure. However, at the end of every year, the accrued interest for that year is paid directly into the users cash balance and the interest for the new year starts to accrue.